Navigating Your Solar Energy Journey From Agreement to Activation

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Navigating Your Solar Energy Journey From Agreement to Activation

Navigating Your Solar Energy Journey From Agreement to Activation

Navigating Your Solar Energy Journey From Agreement to Activation

Embarking on the journey to harness solar energy involves understanding the essential steps for installing solar panels on your residence. Here's what unfolds after you've agreed to proceed:

A project manager from Viridis Energy will guide you throughout this journey, serving as your liaison and ensuring smooth coordination across various teams handling your project. They'll keep you informed about the progress and what to anticipate next, ensuring a seamless experience.

The path to solar at Viridis Energy comprises six fundamental stages:

Assessment: Post agreement on the solar proposal, Viridis Energy conducts an initial site survey of your residence. A representative will examine the current state of your home and take necessary measurements. This visit, lasting about two hours, may include photographing your property, roof, electrical setups, and any potential spaces for installation, including attic areas.

Design: Our engineering team then evaluates the site assessment against the proposed digital design, identifying if additional tasks like roof or electrical panel upgrades are needed. Though only a small percentage of homes require such upgrades, should yours be among them, you have the option to proceed with Viridis Energy or another provider, or reconsider the solar installation if it exceeds your budget. Your project manager will present the final design before moving forward.

Permitting: With the design in hand, we initiate the permitting phase, securing necessary construction permits and, if applicable, submitting a preliminary net energy metering application to your utility provider. The duration for permitting varies significantly by location, and your project manager will advise you on expected timelines.

Installation: Upon permit approval, installation is scheduled at the earliest convenience. Typically spanning 1-2 days, the installation may require temporary power disconnection. For solar battery setups, expect a longer downtime of 4-6 hours.

Inspection: Post-installation, your project undergoes inspection by local authorities, arranged by Viridis Energy. You'll be notified in advance of the inspection date, which usually takes a few hours once scheduled.

Commissioning: Following a successful inspection, we apply for your utility's "permission to operate." Activation timelines vary by utility but expect your system to go live within 48 hours after approval, welcoming you to clean, solar energy.

Transitioning to solar energy is an exhilarating venture that spans 30 days to 4 months, influenced by local utility and permitting processes.

Viridis Energy stands by you at every stage, simplifying the process and managing all necessary paperwork. Your role primarily involves being available to facilitate access to your property when needed.

For any queries or further information about solar installation in your area, feel free to contact a Viridis Energy solar advisor.