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Welcome to Viridis Energy, the premier destination for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation in Massachusetts. As experts in the field, we cater to businesses and Charge Point Operators looking to embrace the future of transportation. With a reputation as one of the most trusted EV charging station contractors in Massachusetts and beyond, we specialize in delivering top-tier commercial and residential EV installation services. Whether you're at the forefront of the EV revolution or seeking to enhance your property's value and convenience, Viridis Energy stands ready to guide you through every step of the process.

The shift toward electric vehicles is more than a trend; it's a movement toward sustainability and efficiency. By choosing to install an EV charging station with Viridis Energy, you're not just making a wise financial decision—you're contributing to cleaner air quality and embracing a greener future for Massachusetts. Join us as we drive towards a future where every journey is powered by clean, renewable energy.

Discover the unmatched benefits of partnering with Viridis Energy for your EV charging station needs in Boston, MA. Let's electrify the future, together.

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Commercial EV Charger Installation

Optimize Your Business with Advanced Commercial EV Charging Stations in Massachusetts.

In an era where electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining momentum, ensuring your Massachusetts business is equipped with reliable and efficient commercial EV charging solutions is more important than ever. Viridis Energy stands at the forefront of this green revolution, offering unparalleled commercial EV charger installation services tailored to the evolving needs of your business.

Our team of expert commercial electricians, boasting extensive licensure and experience, specializes in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of EV chargers suitable for any business environment. From installing brand new charging stations to relocating and upgrading existing ones, Viridis Energy guarantees a seamless, code-compliant setup for every project.

Embrace the future with our comprehensive turn-key solutions, designed for maximum flexibility and scalability. Whether you're looking to enhance the convenience of your commercial premises or aiming to future-proof your utility services, Viridis Energy is your ideal partner in Massachusetts.

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Residential EV Charger
The Ultimate Convenience for Electric Vehicle Owners

Residential EV Charger Installation

Simplify your home EV charging with our residential services, ensuring a smooth transition to electric vehicle ownership.

Level 1 Charging Station - Standard with most electric or hybrid vehicles, the Level 1 charger plugs into any 120-volt outlet, ideal for overnight charging in your garage. While convenient for drivers covering short distances, charging with a Level 1 system offers 3 – 5 miles per charging hour, necessitating nightly charging for daily use.

Level 2 Charging Station - For faster charging, consider a Level 2 station, capable of fully charging an EV in approximately 4 – 6 hours. This solution, mounted in your garage or on an exterior wall, acts as a personal fueling station, offering a significant upgrade over Level 1 chargers by utilizing electricity for quick and efficient charging.

Our mission is to facilitate your switch to electric with user-friendly, safe, and efficient home charging solutions tailored to fit your lifestyle and driving habits in Massachusetts.

Why Choose Viridis Energy for Your EV Charger Installation

Don't settle for anything less than expert EV Charging Services. Choose Viridis Energy because:


We're Experienced! - Viridis Energy has over 30+ years experience in the Solar Installation & EV Charging industry. We are experts in our trade.


We're Focused on Quality! - Viridis Energy works hard to provide superior EV Charging Station installations with the highest quality possible to every client.


We're Honest & Have Integrity! - We pride ourselves on the honest and open communication we have with clients. You'll never be lied to or left in the dark.


We're Affordable! - You shouldn't have to drain your bank account to power the Electric Vehicle you love. Viridis Energy wants your business in Massachusetts.


Exceptional Customer Service! - We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service from the initial consultation to the install process and beyond.

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Embrace a Sustainable Future with Viridis Energy's EV Charging Solutions

Viridis Energy stands at the pinnacle of electric vehicle (EV) charger installation in Massachusetts, offering a future-focused blend of expert solutions for both businesses and homeowners. As a leading force in the transition towards sustainable transportation, we provide specialized installation services that cater to the evolving needs of Charge Point Operators and property owners across Boston, MA, and beyond. Our commitment to excellence has cemented our reputation as the most trusted contractor for commercial and residential EV charging stations in the region.

Choosing Viridis Energy means more than just installing an EV charger; it's a step towards enhancing air quality, property value, and embracing a greener future. We're driven by the vision of a world where every journey is powered by clean, renewable energy. Our comprehensive suite of services includes everything from cutting-edge commercial EV charging solutions that attract customers and optimize business operations to user-friendly residential setups designed for convenience and efficiency.

Whether you're looking to join the EV revolution, increase your property's appeal, or simply make a positive impact on the environment, Viridis Energy is ready to guide you every step of the way. Let's electrify the future, together. Discover the unmatched benefits of partnering with us for your EV charging needs.

Contact us below to explore how we can transform your property into a beacon of sustainability and convenience in Massachusetts's ever-growing green landscape.