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Embrace Solar Power with Viridis Energy in Rockingham County

Step into a sustainable future with Viridis Energy in Rockingham County, NH, where the rich history and beautiful coastal landscapes inspire a commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. As one of New Hampshire's most populous counties, featuring both bustling towns and serene natural settings, Rockingham County is perfectly positioned to lead the way in solar energy adoption.

Viridis Energy is here to empower homeowners and businesses in Rockingham County with top-tier solar panel installations. Our dedication to providing cutting-edge, customized solar solutions aligns with the county's vision for a greener, more energy-efficient future. By transitioning to solar power, you not only enjoy lower energy costs but also contribute to preserving the county's natural beauty for generations to come.

Benefitting from ample sunlight and a community enthusiastic about innovation and conservation, Rockingham County offers an ideal environment for solar energy production. Viridis Energy leverages this potential to design and install solar systems that optimize energy efficiency and suit the unique characteristics of your property, ensuring that every project is a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Choosing Viridis Energy means partnering with experts who understand Rockingham County's specific energy needs and environmental goals. Our comprehensive service includes everything from personalized consultation and system design to professional installation and ongoing support, making the switch to solar energy straightforward and rewarding. We're committed to helping Rockingham County residents and businesses achieve energy independence and contribute to a healthier planet.

Embrace the benefits of solar energy in Rockingham County, NH, with Viridis Energy. Together, we can tap into the power of the sun to create a sustainable, thriving future. Discover how going solar can transform your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and secure long-term savings, all while supporting local and global environmental efforts.

Fun Fact about Rockingham County: Home to the first potato planted in the United States. The town of Londonderry, within Rockingham County, is credited with this agricultural milestone. In 1719, Scotch-Irish immigrants planted the first potato in America, introducing the crop that would become a staple in diets nationwide. This event is a testament to the county's rich agricultural history and its role in shaping American farming practices.
Rockingham County Population: 321,745
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Viridis Energy Solutions

The Solar Experts in Rockingham County

We've worked with Rockingham County town officials and have a proven track record of successful solar installations in Rockingham County, NH.

Solar energy is transforming the way our customers approach their energy needs, offering a range of benefits that extend beyond simple cost savings. From financial and environmental advantages to community enrichment and the pursuit of energy independence, adopting solar energy not only slashes your electricity bills but also contributes to planetary health.

With sunlight as an abundant and free resource, the initial investment in solar installation pays off by substantially lowering your electricity expenses. In an era where electricity prices are on the rise and the cost of solar technology is becoming more affordable, there's never been a better time to GO SOLAR!

Tired of high energy costs in Rockingham County? Let Viridis Energy help you switch to solar and save money!

Rockingham County Solar Experts
Rockingham County Solar Experts
Going Solar in Rockingham County NH is a No Brainer

The Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar

If you're considering installing a solar panel system, it's important to consider the benefits going solar in Rockingham County.

Solar is a revolutionary energy solution for property owners in Rockingham County and choosing to go solar has many advantages. Of all the common benefits that come with going solar, here are some of the ones that consistently rise to the top:

  • Eliminating Electric Bills
  • Avoiding Rising Energy Costs
  • Increasing Your Home Value
  • High Return on Investment
  • Energy & Financial Independance
  • Federal & State Tax Credits
  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Backup Power w/ Energy Storage
  • Charge Your EV (Electric Vehicle)
  • Zero-Down Low Rate Financing

Why You Should Choose Viridis Energy for Solar in Rockingham County, NH

Don't settle for anything less than excellent Solar service in Rockingham County, NH. Choose Viridis Energy because:


We're Experienced! - Viridis Energy has over 30+ years experience in the Solar Sales & Installation industry. We are experts in our trade.


We're Focused on Quality! - Viridis Energy works hard to provide superior solar installations in Rockingham County with the highest quality possible to every client.


We're Honest & Have Integrity! - We pride ourselves on the honest and open communication we have with clients. You'll never be lied to or left in the dark.


We're Affordable! - You shouldn't have to drain your bank account to power the home you love. Viridis Energy wants your business in Rockingham County.


Exceptional Customer Service! - We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service from the initial consultation to the install process and beyond.

Solar Installation in Rockingham County, NH.

Customer Testimonials

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction with Viridis Energy

Making the switch to solar energy is a significant choice, which is why partnering with a reliable solar provider like Viridis Energy Solutions is crucial. Our commitment to meeting your needs and delivering on our promises has made us a top choice in New England. But don't just take our word for it—our satisfied customers speak volumes about their experiences!

Discover firsthand accounts from individuals who chose Viridis Energy Solutions for their solar energy needs. Their testimonials highlight the quality, reliability, and exceptional service we're known for. Join the growing number of happy homeowners and businesses powering their future with Viridis.

Very Pleased

Fantastic company to work with. Very pleased with the crew they sent. I would highly recommend them to work on anyones home!

5 Stars
William Y. Worcester, MA
Super Happy With Our Solar Experience

Super happy with our solar experience!!! Upon in-depth research my husband and I determined that SunPower panels were far superior to other panels on the market. We worked closely with Adam Whitney from Viridis Energy Solutions who was extremely knowledgeable and well versed in solar technology. Adam was always patient and very responsive to any/all questions posed (which were plentiful). There wasn’t a single time throughout the purchase and installation process that he didn’t respond to any question asked, voice mail left, or email that was sent.The process did take a bit longer than we expected, however, delays were due to back-ordered items which were beyond the control of Viridis. Once all back-ordered items were finally available the Viridis team quickly scheduled our project and all went smoothly.Based upon our personal interactions, I would highly recommend Viridis Energy Solutions for your solar installation and (in particular) working with Adam Whitney. I am sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with your experience.

5 Stars
Cheryl Hanington Blackstone, MA
The Viridis Team Is Amazing

Can’t say enough about our solar experience with Matt Wholley and the Viridis team! After doing all my research about solar it became very clear that SunPower has the undisputed best equipment in the industry. He was so professional and patient walking us through the steps and process to go solar, even showing us different models and potential savings. We’re so excited to go solar!!

5 Stars
Alex Patterson Holden, MA