The Philosophy of Energy Independence

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The Philosophy of Energy Independence

The Philosophy of Energy Independence

Another month, another surprisingly high electric bill. So many homeowners have accepted their relationship with the utility company to be a necessary evil. Our creature comforts keep us warm and entertained, but making monthly payments for a service that will only get more costly as time goes on has people feeling like they’re stuck in a rat race. If you’re still paying a regular bill to the electric company, you’re in an unfair situation… But there is a better way! At Viridis Energy, we make it our business to educate everyone on how you can take your power back, and stop letting the utility company burn a hole in your wallet.

You can’t go without electricity, but you also have very limited control over the rates the electric company charges. You didn’t choose your utility yourself - it was assigned to you based on where you live, and you can’t just pick a new utility provider unless you move. Sure, you can shop around for better rates if you live in an area with a competitive supply market, but you’ll always be at the mercy of the utility when it comes to delivery, transmission, and service charges. What’s more, the price of electricity is only going to rise annually - national average utility rates have risen by 15% over the past 10 years, and some states have been hit harder than others. If you’re still paying a conventional electricity bill, you’re trapped in a no-win game. Your rates will continue to increase, with no improvement in the quality of your service, and your options to switch are limited. If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone, but you can start mapping out your journey to energy independence today. 

If you want to cut the cord with the electric company, follow the law of supply and demand. As electric demand rises every year, utilities can justify increasing rates. Likewise, our aging utility infrastructure, and the incremental progress in wide scale solar development (often limited by fossil fuel lobbyists and special interests) gives them a reason to hike prices. We’re still relying on fuel methods that are growing more obsolete every day, with distribution and transmission equipment that may not be able to withstand increasingly intense climate events - even though infinite, renewable power is available now. When you have solar installed on your property, you are increasing the supply of energy to the grid, which helps drive down costs. The more homes that go solar, the more we can push America towards a new green revolution that will guide our utility infrastructure towards modernization and steadily reduce our dependence on dirty fuel. You can play a role in strengthening our national energy matrix and economy while feeling good about your impact on the environment with solar - it’s an awesome opportunity. 

You may not know this, but you’re also subsidizing clean power for the rest of the grid, whether you want to or not. If you take a look at your electric bill, you’ll see Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy charges, which the utility passes on to consumers to fund state clean power programs. Combine those charges with continuously rising rates, and the long-term cost of not going solar really starts to add up. Your electric bill is essentially an endless agreement to pay for energy you only benefit from one time. If you don’t have solar, you’re throwing the utility money every month with no return on investment. Meanwhile, you could be swapping that expense for a fixed solar payment with a set term that will add equity to your property and increase it’s value.

When you think it through, going solar is a no-brainer… In fact, sticking with a traditional utility agreement is a bad financial move for any property owner. If you’re ready to take control of your financial life and liberate yourself from inflated electric expenses, contact us. We have the knowledge and expertise you need to make the switch!

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