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SunPower's Warranty Can't Be Beat!

SunPower's Warranty Can't Be Beat!

Did you know that choosing a solar panel brand should depend on a number of factors, including cost, efficiency, power output, performance, and of course - The WARRANTY!

The most important warranty characteristics to compare include product warranty term, power guarantees, labor warranty term, transferability & bankability, and the availability of an extended warranty.

Today, we want to get up-close and personal with SunPower’s warranty, to show you how you can rely on Viridis Energy to install a solar system that can provide you with dependable, clean electricity for decades!

The SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty is the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry...because this warranty does not just cover the solar panels, it covers the entire system! The Complete Confidence Warranty breaks down into two separate coverage areas - the system itself, and the service to repair it.

Under the Comprehensive System Warranty, the panels, microinverters, and racking are all covered for 25 YEARS. Power production is warranted at the industry-leading level of 92% at 25-years. This means that if faulty performance is detected in the hardware, it is covered for repair or replacement. The labor involved to do any repair or maintenance work is covered as well, as part of their Comprehensive Service Warranty! SunPower panels have the lowest degradation rate in the industry, so you can be sure that your system can produce more power than one installed by a competitor!

With other solar companies, the customer may be responsible for covering the shipping of defective materials and their new replacements, in addition to provide a written claim to prove that the system isn’t producing as it should. SunPower takes that stress out of the equation! With the Complete Confidence Warranty, the costs of shipping back old products and replacing them with new ones is covered, and the customer is never responsible for providing written claims.

On top of the 25-Year hardware warranty and industry-leading production guarantee, SunPower offers a 10-year warranty for their system monitoring hardware. This is an added convenience for folks who choose SunPower, as it’s bundled right into the overall system warranty. Customers who use other solar providers will likely have a separate warranty from a separate provider for the monitoring hardware and the system itself, causing communication issues and a cumbersome claims process if something does go wrong. SunPower also covers relocation of the system, and protection for beachside systems in certain circumstances, which are often not covered under other solar company’s warranties.

We hope this overview of the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty helps you understand what sets SunPower’s warranty apart from other solar product warranties. Viridis Energy Solutions is honored to be working with a panel provider that stands behind their products for decades, and covers repairs should they be needed. Given that SunPower panels are truly the best of the best, you may never need to take advantage of their warranty, but we assure you it will be the best warranty you may never need!

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