Shining a Light on Virtual Solar Consultations: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Process

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Shining a Light on Virtual Solar Consultations: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Process

Shining a Light on Virtual Solar Consultations: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Process

In early 2020, Viridis Energy started to redefine the virtual solar sales process, with a focus on providing a high-quality customer experience that matches the in-home consultation service. To achieve this, Viridis Energy has been refining the technology and tools needed to make the virtual solar sales process a positive experience for homeowners.

At a solar consultation, Viridis Energy aims to provide homeowners with both education about solar energy and a customized solar solution for their home and energy goals. Our solar consultants are experts in evaluating, designing, and estimating solar systems, and homeowners can expect an in-depth consultation lasting approximately 45-60 minutes. As some of these online platforms may be new territory for homeowners, the Viridis team is available to help make sure everyone is familiar with the technology by the time of the appointment.

During the consultation, solar consultants spend time assessing the homeowner's current needs as well as their potential future needs. To achieve this, a series of topics are discussed, including utility bill history, energy-saving goals, and other important details that factor into the design of a customized solar system.

For the Viridis Energy Solar specialists to deliver the most accurate proposal possible, they will need to review the homeowner's electric bills from the last 12 months to review their home's usage and current electric rate. This information is crucial for providing a precise and personalized estimate for the homeowner.

If homeowners do not have access to their electric bills in advance of their consultation, the Viridis Energy team can use estimates. However, if the homeowner chooses to go solar, they will need to see their past electric bills to confirm the assumptions before any work can be performed.

During the consultation, Viridis Energy also goes over any incentives available to the homeowner, as well as the potential electric bill savings. This includes information on the federal solar tax credit, sales and property tax exemptions, solar rebates, net metering programs, and how installing solar power can increase a home's value.

Designing the best solar panel system for a home is a collaborative effort between the solar consultant and the homeowner, and Viridis Energy offers opportunities for homeowners to decide where panels will be placed on their roof based on their energy demand, aesthetics, and financial investment. The entire experience is casual and informative.

For homeowners who are not comfortable with online consultations, Viridis Energy's solar energy advisors are also available for in-home consultations.

To schedule a virtual or in-home appointment, homeowners can fill out the form below. With a friendly team ready to help homeowners looking to make a difference for both their utility bill and the environment, Viridis Energy offers quality, experience, and efficiency built into every appointment.

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