Soaring Electric Bills Send People Scrambling For Help In Massachusetts

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Soaring Electric Bills Send People Scrambling For Help In Massachusetts

Soaring Electric Bills Send People Scrambling For Help In Massachusetts

When Katherine and Roger Johnson opened their December Electric bill for their home in Worcester MA, they were panicked by the $980 charge. 50 miles away in Boston, Vanessa Miller's reaction to her $892 bill was much the same.

"I thought I was keeping up," Vanessa said. "There was no way I could pay that. It's a hell of a thing to get a week before Christmas."

The two households are part of an unprecedented wave of people scrambling for help with their utility bills, which have soared with rising natural gas prices and a series of electricity and gas rate increases by National Grid and Eversource, the state's two main utility providers.

To make matters worse, these outrageous electric bills are coming as inflation is pushing up the cost of living.

And as bad as December electric bills have been, it's being predicted that January utility bills could be even worse in Massachusetts!

The fact is that even if a family's energy consumption isn't going up, what National Grid and Eversource is charging them for gas and electricity has risen.

Meanwhile, individuals have been doing what they can to save money through renewable investment on a smaller scale. "I like the idea of slapping some solar panels on my roof and reducing my energy costs without having to rely on the grid at all", Vanessa Miller said. Vanessa recently had an appointment with Viridis Energy and made the choice to GO SOLAR with SunPower Solar Panels. She learned how the Inflation Reduction Act extends a tax credit that allows anyone living in the U.S. to deduct 30% of the cost of installed solar from their federal income taxes.

Vanessa said, "I can't wait until I open up my electric bill and see that I only have to pay less than $10 dollars for my electricity!"

Viridis Energy said, "Our phones are ringing off the hooks with people scared by the vastly higher electricity bills they received this month. "They no longer want to pay these outrageous bills and want to get solar on their roofs as fast as possible." 

Viridis Energy says there are some things you can do ease the pain. Here are the top 5 steps to reduce your electric bills this winter.

1. GO SOLAR (Generate Your Own Energy):
Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. As the cost of using solar to produce electricity goes down each year, many Americans are increasingly switching to solar. Now, there are over a million solar installations across the country.

2. Eliminate Vampire Power (Unplug Idle Electronics):
Devices like televisions, microwaves, scanners, and printers use standby power, even when off. Some chargers continue to pull small amounts of energy, even when plugged in (a good judge of this is if a charger feels warm to the touch). In the US, the total electricity consumed by idle electronics equals the annual output of 12 power plants (EPA).

3. Turn of The Lights:
There's not much to this one. It's a pretty simple fact that turning off lights when not needed will save you money.

4. Shut Down Your Computer:
Some PC's, especially gaming rigs, have large power supplies that suck up a lot juice. Setting a computer to sleep after 20 minutes of no use is an easy way to save some money. Shutting it down is even better.

5. Don't Crank Up The Heat:
Everyone likes to be cozy and warm but some people take it to an extreme. 67-70 degrees is a good temperature to be comfortable in your home. There's no need to have your electric heat cranked to 80 degrees!

Viridis Energy Is Here To Help

With the astronomical rise in electricity costs, Viridis Energy can help you eliminate your electric bill so that you can save your hard-earned money!

Reach out to us to set up your no cost analysis with a professional solar energy advisor today. Request your FREE quote below or Call us at: (781) 829-3400.

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