Winter is Coming with "Much" Higher Electric Bills!

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Winter is Coming with "Much" Higher Electric Bills!

Winter is Coming with "Much" Higher Electric Bills!

Massachusetts electricity customers are in for a steep increase in their winter bills, National Grid warned this week. The typical residential electric customer will see a 60-75% increase in their monthly bill this winter, according to National Grid and Eversource.

National Grid said the monthly bill of a typical residential customer using 600 kilowatt-hours will increase from $179 last winter to about $293 this winter, an increase of about 64%.

The price hike is due to the "significantly higher" cost of the natural gas used to generate electricity, according to National Grid. Blame the natural gas wholesale market. Despite efforts to shift New England toward renewable energy sources, natural gas-fired power plants still provide at least half of the region’s electricity.

Costs for obtaining gas have skyrocketed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent natural gas shortage in Europe. As a regulated utility, National Grid passes the cost of the electricity it has procured on to customers with no markup. This winter, the electric supply portion will make up about two-thirds of National Grid’s electric bills.

People are struggling to make ends meet & this is going to make the colder months even tougher. National Grid's rate hike will be devastating for hundreds of thousands of customers in Massachusetts who simply cannot afford it.

Going Solar Can Protect You From Rising Costs!

Are you financially prepared to pay more and more for your electricity as time goes on? A lot of homeowners are getting sick and tired of lining the pockets of those greedy utility companies!

As for SOLAR, it is clear that costs are coming down. Rooftop solar panels are now more affordable and accessible than ever. This is why more and more households are having solar energy systems installed: going solar is a great way to reduce or completely eliminate your power bills!

If you purchase a solar energy system for your home, all of the solar electricity that your system produces will be "FREE".

If you have net metering, your utility company will give you a credit for electricity that you send into the grid. This means that on some months you might even have a negative electricity usage on your bill. Your utility provider will CREDIT YOU!

A lot of people in the United States regularly have electricity bills that are hundreds of dollars a month. If you’re one of those people, adding solar panels to your house and seeing your net electricity usage drop to zero (or even negative) on your utility bill is a pretty amazing thing!

Adding Solar Panels to your home is the best way to protect yourself from soaring utility rates.

Let us help you eliminate your electric bill and save your hard-earned money!

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